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Testimonals #01

'I began seeing Alwyn after 4 failed IVf attempts. At 41yrs things were not looking hopeful for me to get pregnant naturally. However after seeing Alwyn 2x per week for 5 weeks I fell pregnant naturally for the first time ever. I continued seeing Alwyn throughout my pregnancy and she helped me with pelvic pain, reflux and swollen feet and enabled me to have a relaxing and joyful pregnancy. I also think the regular sessions helped my little girl to be so calm in the womb and once she was born via the treatment Alwyn gave her post birth for colic. I honestly don't think I would be holding my 8 week daughter now if it were not for Alwyn. I highly recommend her from conception through to pregnancy and beyond.'


I started having Reflexology with Alwyn to prepare my body before I started IVF treatment. My treatments with Alwyn helped me to relax and kept me grounded. I continued with Reflexology throughout the IVF procedure and was delighted when it worked! I am continuing with my 3 weekly sessions as it has helped with my nausea and also to keep my stress levels down.

Saffron Walden

My mum and Dad got me in touch with Alwyn when I was struggling with my cerebral palsy. I was having really bad back pain and my arm and leg were very tight. I had massages since I was 5 years old and unfortunately the lady retired. This is when mum said why not try reflexology just for a change.
The minute I started I thought this is it. This is going to help me! It has really helped my back! Alwyn is fantastic she has helped me a lot. To top it all off I said to her, my husband and I are trying for a baby. within 3-4 months of seeing her I became pregnant!! and it is going very well.
Alwyn has very good knowledge and she is very supportive.


"I've been having reflexology with Alwyn for several years now and find it a very helpful addition to other therapies in dealing with back problems as well as lymph drainage. Alwyn's treatments are much more effective than other therapists I have tried through the years. On top of the health benefits I thoroughly enjoy it."


"Alwyn came to my house to offer her support through reflexology to my sister who was in palliative care for cancer, and myself as her carer.
Alwyn always worked with great gentleness and sensitivity and I was deeply touched that she came to offer her support to both me and my sister. The treatment I received as a carer was very precious, it gave me a time when I could relax and have some space to help nurture my body, in order to help me to fully support my sister through this incredibly difficult time. I would highly recommend Alwyn as a reflexologist, she is a very special and generous practitioner, she is very knowledgeable, efficient, always on time and very very kind"

Saffron Walden

'I have had reflexology with several practitioners over the years, Alwyn I think is one of the best, I always come away feeling totally balanced and relaxed and always have the best night's sleep ever after a treatment-it's just brilliant!!'

Saffron Walden

I have recently started treatment with Alwyn and I have thoroughly enjoyed each session. I have cancer and I feel that the reflexology is extremely helpful - the sessions are relaxing, calming and peaceful; Alwyn has such a lovely touch. She has been a great support as I go through the chemotherapy and all the inevitable side effects and she will target these areas to help lesson the side effects. I have no hesitation in highly recommending Alwyn, she is so kind and helpful.


'We had been trying to conceive for nearly 3 years when I found Alwyn. Alwyn is a wonderful woman full of kindness and support. I was sceptical on arrival at my first visit but by the end of my first treatment I was hooked! It was incredibly relaxing and Alwyn knew all sorts from touching my feet, incredible! She has supported us in conjunction with medical treatment and I am overwhelmed that we are now expecting. I do not believe it would have been possible without Alwyns intervention as she kept me and my body calm through a difficult time. I will continue to enjoy treatment through my pregnancy and cannot recommend highly enough.'

Bishops Stortford

My husband and I had been trying for a baby for 18 months when a friend recommended reflexology with Alwyn to me.

I am now delighted to be nearly 8 months pregnant! I have no doubt that the reflexology sessions with Alwyn helped me to conceive our baby.

I have continued to have reflexology throughout my pregnancy and it has really helped with my relaxation and digestion.

Alwyn is very caring and professional. She has been very supportive and encouraging throughout both my infertility and pregnancy.
I always look forward to our sessions and even my baby enjoys the treatment with lots of kicks and movements!

Saffron Walden

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